Help me pick … a Stephen King book

So far, I’ve only read two huge books by Stephen King, and I’m not impressed. Perhaps I’ve been reading the wrong books, or perhaps they’re just not for me. However, I would like to give him one last chance.

This is why I need your help.

Please help me pick the next (and possibly last) Stephen King book I will read. The two books I’ve read so far are: Under the Dome and 11.22.63. Like all the books by King (that I can call to mind), they’re very thick. Under the Dome was quite intriguing, however the ending was so underwhelming and anticlimactic that I was very disappointed. I liked reading 11.22.63, except that it was so terribly long. It would’ve been just as good with about half the pages, which is the part that bothers me. I don’t mind long books as a rule, just ones that are unnecessarily long.

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So, knowing that, which book from King would you recommend me and why? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Help me pick … a Stephen King book

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  1. Try the Dark Tower series – they are long, but totally immersive. Otherwise, maybe The Talisman, very much a kids book for grown ups!


  2. I haven’t read an King books because I get scared really easily but my friend loves them and his favourite is Cujo but I don’t know… It doesn’t sound that interesting to me but maybe you’ll like it!


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