Review: Het Helse Paradijs

 Book review | Het Helse Paradijs by Thea Beckman | 4 stars

Het Helse Paradijs by Thea Beckman
Cover: Jan Wesseling
Lemniscaat 1987
ISBN: 978 90 5637 963 6



Vanuit het Badense Rijk wordt opnieuw een expeditie uitgezonden om Thule, het vroegere Groenland, te veroveren. De eerste twee boten die naar Thule zijn gestuurd, zijn nooit teruggekomen. Ditmaal sturen de Badeners vijf oorlogsschepen met militairen. Aan boord is ook Kilian Werfel, een taalkundige die de uitgestorven taal Brits beheerst, die in Thule wordt gesproken. Hij zal als tolk optreden.
Als de schepen van de Badeners door een storm ernstig worden beschadigd, besluiten ze te voet dwars door het land naar de hoofdstad te trekken. Kilian onmoet op deze tocht vol ontbereing Christian and Thura en begint anders over de Thulenen te denken.

From the Baden empire, a new expedition is sent to conquer Thule, the former Greenland. The first two ships that were sent to Thule have never returned. This time, the Badeners five war ships with soldiers. On board is also Kilian Werfel, a language expert who speaks the deal language British, which is also spoken in Thule. He will act as an interpreter.
When the Baden ships are heavily damaged by a storm, they decide to go across country to the capital by foot. Kilian, on this journey full of hardship, meets Christian and Thura and starts to think differently about the people from Thule.

Bullet-point review


+ futuristic historic dystopian
+ matriarchal society
+ different perspective

– different perspective
– not much new about Thule

Full Review

The sequel in the Toekomst Trilogie by Beckman, is written from a different perspective than the first book in the series. However, this fact makes the reading experience neither confusing nor frustrating. It actually adds to the story, by learning more about the state of the rest of the world. On the other hand, I would have liked for the story to just continue from the same perspective, even though with this part of the story that was obviously not an option.

Like with the first book, it is great to read about the perfect matriarchal society Beckman created. At this point in time, it doesn’t seem like there is too much wrong with it, except for the power restriction on men. Especially not when compared to any of the other countries (all seemingly patriarchical) existent in this world.

I’ll be picking up the last book in this trilogy pretty soon!


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