February 2016 – book statistics

The month of February has passed, which means it’s time to look at my reading stats for this month. Again, I haven’t read the total amount of books I planned for the month. I read a total of 8 books instead of 10. This time, I don’t even have the excuse of having read books with massive amounts of pages, like I had last month.


I did read a classic though, as well as two books in German. On top of that, all these books were on my TBR, so that has gone down to 204 books. I also received a book I won through Goodreads: A Second Helping by Andria Gaskins. But that’s the only new book I got this month!

1. The War of the Worlds – H. G. Wells
2. Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard
3. Ein unmoralisches Sonderangebot – Kerstin Gier
4. Ten Thousand Skies Above You – Claudia Gray
5. The Screaming Staircase – Jonathan Stroud
6. Die Braut sagt leider nein – Kerstin Gier
7. De ondergronders – Margaret Mahy
8. Stupid White Men – Micheal Moore
9. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

How many books did you manage to read this month? What was your favorite read?


3 thoughts on “February 2016 – book statistics

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  1. War of the Worlds is one I’ve wanted to read for years, I’ve really enjoyed Wells other books 🙂 I read 6 books in February, which I’m ok with. My reading has slowed down this year as I focus on other things (including my newer blog), and aiming for 1-2 books a week is a more doable pace for me right now.


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