On my bookshelf #19

Once again, the next ten books on my bookshelf!

DSCN2863.JPG1. Dros, Imme – De Huiveringwekkende mythe van Perseus
Dros, Imme – Ongelukkig Verliefd
3. Dubelaar, Thea – De Spiegeljongen
4. Dubelaar, Thea – Mijn papa is een Prins
5. Durlacher, Jessica – De Dochter
6. Ede, van Bies – Ijskoude Handen

All children’s and YA books I rediscovered in the attic of my parents. So far, I’ve only read De Mislukte Moordenaar ofwel De Kinderredder from this bunch. The other’s I’ll get to soon enough!

7. Ee, Susan – Angelfall
Ee, Susan – World After
9. Ee, Susan – End of Days

I loved this series! I thought I really wouldn’t; I just couldn’t imagine evil angels. And though it was a bit predictable in some instances, it was a great read!

10. Elias, Bettie – Bang of Boos en andere verhalen

One of those books from my parents’ attic. I can’t even say this one sounds familiar. I saw however that it’s a children’s book for children who are just starting to read. I guess this means it’s not going to be the most exciting read ever when I finally get to it.

Not the most exciting ‘on my bookshelf’. Hopefully the next one will be a bit more interesting again!


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