Review: Tin Toeval in de onderwereld by Guus Kuijer

 Book review | Tin Toeval in de onderwereld by Guus Kuijer | 2 stars

Tin Toeval in de onderwereld by Guus Kuijer
Cover design: Studio Wolters-Noordhoff
Cover illustration: Jan Jutte
Wolters-Noordhoff 1997
ISBN10: 90 0154975 6



In Amsterdam lopen overal jongens en meisjes rond met wagentjes. Daarin rammelen flessen SUPERKOOK: het nieuwste wondermiddel waardoor je vlugger ouder en groter wordt.
Tins vriendje Job voelt er wel wat voor, hij wil dat spul wel een proberen. Maar Tin, die weliswaar altijd voor een geintje te vinden is, is niet op haar achterhoofd gevallen. Ze gaan samen op onderzoek in de onderwereld van Amsterdam, onder de stad. En dan verdwijnen ze spoorloos.

Everywhere in Amsterdam, boys and girls are pulling carts behind them. Rattling in those carts are bottles of SUPERKOOK: the latest miracle drink that makes you older and bigger faster.
Tins friend Job would like to try some of that stuff. Tin however, who is usually in for some fun, isn’t stupid. Together, they investigate the ‘underworld’ of Amsterdam, under the city. And then, they disappear without a trace.

Bullet-point review


+ matching names
+ exciting story

 – word repetition
– synopsis doesn’t match the book
– very unrealistic in ways (I find) matter
– matching names

Full Review

From the beginning it’s obvious that the book is written for children in their own language. Unfortunately that means that words are being repeated A LOT. Funny though is the way people that are related seem to have names that are similar: Tin (daughter), Toon (father), Toos (mother) Toeval (last name), or Sas (mother), Bas (son), Bak (Bas’ dog). Thus, language and style wise, this book is better left to the kids.

At the same time, the story bothered me some as well. Sure, children like to go on adventures, why not? But the way certain people in this story behave are so outside of reality that children might have to be told that this is really not how police usually behave (and other characters).

All in all, not a book I could enjoy very much. Sure, I wanted to know what would happen, but I could’ve gone without ever having read this one and it wouldn’t have changed a thing.

As far as I’m aware, there are no translations available.


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