Review: De Passievrucht by Karel Glastra van Loon

 Book review | De Passievrucht by Karel Glastra van Loon | 4 stars

De Passievrucht by Karel Glastra van Loon
Cover photograph: Marin/PhotoAlto
Cover design: Rene van der Vooren
Wolters-Noordhof 2002
ISBN10: 90 0155476 8



De Passievrucht begint met een aardschok. Armin Minderhout hoort van een arts dat hij zijn hele leven lang al onvruchtbaar is. Hij is dus niet de biologische vader van zijn zoon Bo. Wie dat wel is blijkt na een speurtocht langs diverse ‘verdachten’, waarbij het verleden duchtig wordt omgewoeld.

The Passionfruit starts with a tremendous shock. Armin Minderhout learns from the doctor that he has been infertile his entire life. This means he is not the biological father of his son Bo. Who that is, is discovered after a search where several ‘suspects’ pass the review and through which the past is thoroughly turned upside down.

Bullet-point review


+ shocking start
+ confused/upset main character
+ best friend
+ ending
+ flashbacks

– some very illogical reactions

Full Review

I went blind into this book, so I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t even know what the book was about as I hadn’t read the synopsis. This was a great way to experience the book! Everything I read was a shock. At other times I couldn’t do anything but wonder what the main character thought he was doing. Like: do you seriously think that’s going to work out well?

There is a friend of the main character in this book that seems to function as his conscience a bit, making sure the trains of thoughts run smoothly and don’t crash and burn. Other characters, such as his current wife, the in-laws and his own parents are also a nice addition to the story.

The book has been translated to a whole bunch of languages, so if you get the chance, check it out: English, FrenchIndonesian, PortugueseRomanian, Slovenian, Spanish. (of course there might be more languages that aren’t on Goodreads).


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