Happy Birthday to Me!

Exactly 28 year ago on the 9th of February at 14.44 I came into this world!

Today the boyfriend and I celebrated this joyous occasion, with some coffee and cake (tea for me) at one of the fanciest cake places in the city.



After these yummy treats we looked around one of the bookstores in town. After about five minutes I wanted to leave again, because my feet were killing me. For some reason I decided to wear heels (which I haven’t worn in forever). Luckily I did have the foresight to put other shoes in the car. Alex was nice enough to get them for me. After that, I looked around in the shop some more and found out they now also have blind dates with a book.


Most of my presents I already received the weekend before last, when I was at my parents. The presents from my boyfriend haven’t arrived yet. Not a problem, until my mom told me what they were, when we talked on Skype.

The conversation went like this:

Me: bla bla bla … I haven’t gotten my birthday presents yet from Alex. Can you tell me what they are?
Mom: No, I won’t. This is kind of funny.

half an hour later

Me: I have to go now, we have to cook dinner.
Mom: Ok, talk to you later. Let me know when you get the pillows I’d love to see them… when you get your presents I mean.
Me: Mom! You ruined it!
Mom: *almost literally rolling on the floor laughing, and apologizing to Alex, who was in the room as well*

So, now I know what I’ll be getting. They’re very pretty pillows from different society6 stores. I already own a bookish one and will be adding a tea related one, and two bike related ones. Very excited for them, and hopefully they’ll get here soon (officially the last day they should be here is tomorrow).

That’s all for now!

Love you,


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