Review: Hot Spot by Theo Hoogstraaten

 Book review | Hot Spot by Theo Hoogstraaten | 4 stars

Hot Spot by Theo Hoogstraaten
Cover illustration: Karel Kindermans
Cover design: Rene van der Vooren
Wolters-Noordhof 2002
ISBN10: 90 0155473 3



Het Turkse meisje Meryem Aslan wordt in de duinen neergestoken wanneer haar vriend Stefan haar even alleen heeft gelaten. Drie weken later wordt op dezelfde plaats het lichaam van een gluurder gevonden. Dan volgen de gebeurtenissen elkaar in snel tempo op. Een vrouw verdrinkt in zee, Meryem verdwijnt, maar keert kort daarop terug, en haar broer Murat sterft.

Meryem Alsan, a turkish girl, is stabbed in the dunes when her friend Stefan leaves her alone for a minute. Three weeks later, in the same spot, the body of a peeper is found. Then, other things start happening in quick succession. A woman drowns in sea, meryem disappears, but returns shortly after, and her brother Murat dies.

Bullet-point review


+ quick paced
+ clash of cultures
+ unexpected twists
+ great flow
+ sequel that can be read separately

 – short

Full Review

Hot Spot is a fast paced book, full of surprises. As soon as you turn the page, it goes in a completely different direction than expected. Not just once, or twice, but almost every time! The most amazing thing is that this doesn’t seem unnatural.

It is a fast read, with only 175 pages, but a great detective-like, young adult novel to read, nonetheless. I blew through it in one night and I’m glad I picked it up.

It is apparently a sequel to another book, but can be read separately. As I didn’t know it was a sequel (and I don’t own the first book), I only read this one and I can tell you, it can definitely be read separately. I didn’t feel like there was something I should’ve known anywhere in this book.

Unfortunately, the book doesn’t seem to have been translated into any other languages and is thus only available in Dutch.


3 thoughts on “Review: Hot Spot by Theo Hoogstraaten

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  1. loved Theo Hoogstraaten as a child/teenager!
    Haven’t read one of his books in a long time though.. Kind of worries I might not like them as much as I did back then… (not saying they would be bad now, but i feel like maybe i hyped them up a little to much in my head.)


    1. I’m not really sure what I read by Theo Hoogstraaten as a child, probably some of his books at least. This one was still pretty good though! Even though I’m no longer a teen.
      I know what you mean though; it would be a shame to waste the memories you have of the books.


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