On my bookshelf #17

Welcome to another edition of on my bookshelf! This time (once again), I’ll be talking a bit about one of my favorite authors. Can anyone guess who that might be?

Let’s get started!


1. Beckman, Thea – De Verloren Schat
2. Beckman, Thea – Het Wonder van Frieswijck
3. Beckman, Thea – Kinderen van Moeder Aarde
4. Beckman, Thea – Vrijgevochten
5. Beckman, Thea – De Gouden Dolk

Five more Thea Beckman books have been added to my collection since I last was at the ‘B’. Some of these I already owned but had been stored away in the attic of my parents, others I bought at the Deventer Boekenmarkt this summer. The only one I’m not sure I’ve read is ‘Vrijgevochten’, though it seems very familiar and I think I might’ve read it a long time ago.

6. Bel, de Marc – Witteheksennacht
7. Biegel, Paul – Juttertje Tim
8. Biemans, Ienne – Het AkkeTakkeKistje

And three more books that were up in the attic for a long time. None of these I’ve read so far, but I should get to some of them if I really want to reduce the amount of books on my TBR.

9. Binet, Laurent – HhhH
10. Boyne, John – This House is Haunted

These two I haven’t read yet, but both sounded very interesting and were on sale in a new bookshop I had discovered in town. So of course, I had to get them!

Not a particularly varied number of books, but a couple of great ones nonetheless. Kinderen van Moeder Aarde en De Gouden Dolk were both on my ‘best Dutch books of 2015’ list.


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