Review: De Mislukte Moordenaar ofwel De Kinderredder

 Book review | De Mislukte Moordenaar ofwel De Kinderredder by Thea Dubelaar | 3 stars

De Mislukte Moordenaar ofwel De Kinderredder by Thea Dubelaar
Cover and inside art: Els van Egeraat
Malmberg 1998
ISBN10: 90 208 7129 3



Nadat zijn moeder hem in een huisje van golfplaten heeft achtergelaten, sluit Jorge zich aan bij een bende kinderen die op straat leeft. Hij doet van alles om aan de kost te komen, zoals zakkenrollen en autoruiten wassen bij stoplichten. Dan vraagt een man hem te helpen iemand uit de weg te ruimen.

After his mother left him in a small hut made out of sheets of corrugated iron, Jorge joins a gang of children living in the steets. He does all kinds of things to get food, such as pickpocketing and washing windshields at the traffic lights. Then, a man asks his help to murder someone.

Bullet-point review

★★★☆ ☆

+ not your usual main character (kid from the slums)
+ strange (but exciting) plot
+ title

 – abrupt and unfinished ending

Full Review

I have to start with translating the title: The failed murderer a.k.a. the child-saver. Just the title alone is brilliant and the main reason I picked up this book. The plot turned out to be even better, and for most of the book is very intruiging (just as the main character).

Unfortunately the ending is not so spectacular. It’s a very open ending (I really don’t like those as a general rule), which means a large part of the story is still untold. Especially since a completely new subplot entered the book just a bit before the ending. None of this plot is resolved, and that jusr irks me.


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