Blogging Goals for 2016 (and the rest of social media)

Blogging Goals 2016.2

Of course I’ve not only been thinking about what I want to reach when it comes to reading. I’ve also been thinking about what I want to do with my blog and other social media (Goodreads, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin’, Twitter).


First, for my blog, I’d like to start adding original pictures. That means, not stealing pictures from my own Instagram account to use on the blog. Instead I want to take pictures specifically for my blog. Maybe I’ll even think about editing software. First the pictures though! You might already have seen one or two of these pictures.

Secondly, I would like to write more feminist blog posts. I’ve already have a couple of ideas for those, so that shouldn’t be a big problem. They just take a long time to work out.

Also, I should update the list of reviews weekly. I sometimes forget to do this and then have to do a whole lot at a time.


What I really want for my Instagram is to care a little less about the perfectness of the pictures. I’ve already started with that a bit. I want to share my love for books on my Instagram page. I’m not a professional photographer and don’t really have that ambition neither (though I do like pretty pictures). So, sit back, relax and use some more spontaneous (yet still pretty), non-scripted photos.


I’ve not been using my Facebook page very much. I think I should be using it more, but I’m still a bit unsure as to how. Right now, my Instagram pictures and blog posts are automatically posted on there, which I’d like to keep that way. However, I should use my Facebook page more to interact with people. I’ll keep thinking on what to do with this exactly.


I often forget about Goodreads until I upload a whole bunch of reviews at once. I should probably check in more often and post more updates again. I think that would be a good goal for this year: get into the habit of using Goodreads on a regular basis (not just for the giveaways!).


Oh Twitter. About everything gets posted there automatically. But I do love it. I really need to interact there more too though. I feel like I should choose a couple of social media platforms to focus on, instead of going nuts on all of them at once. I don’t think I could do that for more than a couple of days.


Oh, how I love/hate Pinterest. What I think I should do with this one, is just once a week, pin all my new posts. Somehow I think that would be best.


I’m not sure if there’s anything specific that I would like to do with Bloglovin’. Just find some more amazing bloggers to follow I suppose.

I know the goals aren’t very specific. They’re more of a general idea of where I would like my online life to go, or mostly where I would like my blog to go. Hopefully I can think of a couple more specific goals throughout the year. Do you have any other recommendations for me or tips? Let me know if the comments below. Also tell me what your social media goals are for 2016.


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