Reading Goals 2016

My reading goals are usually based around a certain number of books, as well as certain numbers of books from a certain language, or category.

This year (2016)  my Goodreads reading challenge has been set to 120. It’s less than the amount of books I’ve read this year, but as I will also be working, it will still be a challenge. Then, I’d like to specify reading a certain number of books in German and Dutch (Dutch children’s books don’t count), in order to make sure I also read in those languages. I will read 15 books from each.

I also find it more difficult to read non-fiction. Thus, I’ll set a goal for that as well: 5 non-fiction books. Another category I should read more is classics (if only HP counted as a classic already! Our great-grand children will have it so easy reading classics!). I think I should manage 10 classics, without making it too easy.

I also have a bunch of fairy tale books laying around. Ok, just three, but two of them are massive and include ALL fairy tales by Andersen and the Grimm brothers, so lots of fairy tales. The books are too big with too many stories to just read, but hopefully if I add this to my reading goals as well, I will be able to get through at least a bit of them. Thus: read two fairy tales every month.

Besides that, I’d like to read some more books of my TBR, so that it will actually go down. Therefore, I’m setting myself the goal of having a TBR of under 150 books at the end of the year. It is currently at 199. I think that will be realistic. Forcing me to read more books that I already own, while not completely restricting myself to just reading those (because there are so many awesome new books all the time!).

Total: 120
German: 15
Dutch: 15
Non-fiction: 5
Classics: 10
Fairy tales: 24
TBR down to: 150

What are your reading goals for 2016? Do you have any other types of reading goals that you set? I’d love to know!

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