Review: Wespeneiland by Abbing & Van Cleeff

 Book review | Wespeneiland by Abbing & Van Cleeff | 4 stars

Wespeneiland by Abbing & Van Cleeff
Cover illustration: Dirk van der Maat
Cover design: DorelTenKate
Wolters-Noordhof 2002
ISBN10 9001554652



Finn, Isa en Edith vieren vakantie op het Deense waddeneiland Darskyl. Daar maken ze kennis met Tony Kirk, een regisseur van griezelfilms. Hij vraagt hun of ze er iets voor voelen om in zijn nieuwe film, ‘Wespeneiland’, te spelen. Dan volgt de ene merkwaardige gebeurtenis op de andere. Wie schrijft met bruine inkt: ‘Ik ben zo bang?’ Van wie is die leren handschoen? En is die jongen met zijn been in het gips een vriend of een vijand?

Finn, Isa, and Edith are spending their holiday on the Danish island of Darskyl. There, they meet Tony Kirk, a director of horror movies. Hij asks them if they would like to play in his new horror movie ‘Wasp island’. Then, one strange incident follows the other. Who writes with brown ink: ‘I’m so scared’? To whom belongs the leather glove? And is the boy whose leg is in a cast a friend of a foe?

Bullet-point review


+ exciting adventure
+ multiple mysteries

 – hard to differentate the girls
– some parts go too fast

Full Review

The last book I read by Abbing & Van Cleeff, I wasn’t too happy with. Too many of it was just improbably, if not impossible. However, this book was a lot better in that regard.The adventure the children had in this story was well thought-out and quite exciting. There were a couple of mysteries for them to work out, not just one, which really kept the story going.

While the story itself is fun to read, some parts are skipped over a little; some elaboration of these parts would have been nice. Another issue I had in the beginning of the book, was to distinguish between the two girls. I had a hard time remembering who the older of the two was, because there was no particular difference in character.

Overall, I had a lot of fun reading this book.


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