Home Sweet Home

You must’ve all been eagerly anticipating this post. Or well, maybe not. But I have! It’s time to show some before and after pics of my new living quarters!

I have set up a couple of slide slows with before and after pictures. Have fun!

Let’s start with the house and a bit of the surroundings.

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Then now time for the inside! First, the living room. I only had one before picture. It looked fine though, just boring, because there was nothing in there anymore!

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Next up, the kitchen! That one needed a lot of work… I think it looks amazing now though.Very nice and bright!

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Then it’s time for the bathroom, another room that needed a major make-over! Doesn’t it look much nicer without the yellow panels, the red and all the brown? I love the minty freshness!

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Then there’s still the master bedroom. Nothing much was wrong with that. However, we still decided it could do with a fresh coat of paint. The new wardrobe is on its way, but unfortunately not yet here.

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There’s only a few last things to show you, which I’ve all added together in one slide-slow. There’s the second bedroom, which we’ve been using as a sports room and to dry the laundry (meaning there’s very little difference in the before and after picture), plus the hallway.

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What did you think? Let me know in the comments!



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