Sunday Post 16 – Reading all the Books

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This way, I can tell you a little about my week and sum up what happened on the blog and everything else that I find interesting.

This week on the blog

  • Unhaul #2
  • Review: Slated by Teri Terry

Coming up next week

  • Home Sweet Home (home tour!)
  • Review: Death Comes to Pemberley by P. D. James


I’ve been working on a few new blog posts (yay!), which I’ll spread out over the next couple weeks (once they’re finished).

Mostly though I’m preparing for the holidays, which is a bit strange without any decorations. All I’ve got is one of those Christmas plants (with the red star-like leaves). Most of the money has gone into actually making the new house look nice and comfy, which means there’s not much left to be spend on decorations. I’m fairly certain that I could get my hands on some things, but I’m also very particular about the color, so… no luck so far. Maybe I’ll just skip a year.

I’m having a what-to-get-my-boyfriend-for-Christmas crisis. He’s got a couple of things he would like, but either it’s WAY too expensive if you want a qualitatively good one, or it’s just not good quality. So… argh!

I want new pillows/pillowcases for the living room. I’ve been looking on society6 and there’s just too many! Help!

I’ve started painting the smaller bedroom. We’ll be moving our bed there (most likely), and turn the other room into a sports room. That way we can keep the bedroom nice and uncluttered, and the extra clutter can be in the sports room.


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  1. I love the Christmas vibe so I know the absence it makes when there’s no decoration. I hope you can at least get something small for the house, maybe a Christmas scented candle to help set the mood 🙂
    I STRUGGLED WITH WHAT TO GET MY BOYFRIEND TOO!!!! I ended up with a star wars shirt, a watch, gift cards for Steam and Blizzard (gaming cards) and another gift card so he could buy the PS4. In the end, I spent almost $200 D: But I mostly got everything separated so I didn’t feel the huge gap of money on my wallet and bank account haha I wish you luck! Try asking his family and his friends what he likes. You could also do a home made gift and taking him out to dinner and maybe one bought thing 🙂 I hope this helps 🙂 I want to know what you end up getting him!

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    1. I ended up getting him a bunch of socks (his all have holes!), so he needed those, as well as cupboards for in the hallway (which he wanted and picked out). His family didn’t know what to get him either; they bought us wine (which is stupid, because he doesn’t drink and I don’t like wine…), so it’s probably good I didn’t ask them.
      I also got him handsoap for in the bathroom (weird, I know, but I never use it since my hands dry out and he kept forgetting to get it himself), which he was weirdly excited about. Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone that excited about handsoap. Plus a roller for clothes to get hairs off and such (which he has been wanting to get for a while now as well). Oh, also fancy coasters.
      So, pretty lame stuff for most people, but he actually liked it, which is really all that matters.

      Hope you had a good Christmas!


    1. I loved rereading the Hunger Games. I’ve seen the movies quite a few times (except for the last one), but thus far I’d only read the books once. This seemed like the right moment to reread them.


  2. What a lovely post! I’m totally in a home decorating mood too. I want to buy new home decor, new pillowcases and bed sheets for my room; agh!
    And thank you so so so much for featuring my post here! It makes me happy that you could relate! 😊

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    1. That might be a good idea! I’ll have to see how much space we have before getting anything, but that’s a really good suggestion. I’ll keep it in mind, thank you!


  3. My dad just moved as well (I’m in college, so it’s my house too when I visit), and he’s working on decorating as well. I told him that I’ll take care of it because he can’t even dress himself haha! But we don’t really decorate for Christmas anymore anyway because we’re always out of state for Christmas.

    Is this your first time reading The Hunger Games, or is it a re-read? If it was your first time, I am actually so jealous. I wish that I could read those for the first time again.

    Good luck with the decorating and I hope you have a great week!

    My Sunday Post!

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    1. It was a re-read. I’d never actually reread them and felt it was about time, with the final movie coming out (or not? I heard rumors about some kind of prequel… ugh).

      Haha, I’ll be staying in Germany for Christmas, but I’m kinda sad to be here for New Years; that’s just a lot better in the Netherlands (though they’re now trying to over-regulate everything, so maybe it won’t be anymore for very long).

      Oh well, have a great week!


    1. Haha, presents for me are never to difficult. I have a never ending list of books on amazon.

      I love the Hunger Games. I thought that since the final movie is finally out, it would be a good time to re-read them and then hopefully have a movie marathon soon. (I don’t want to see it in theaters, because the original version isn’t playing anywhere near me. Germans like to dub everything…. it’s their most annoying habit).

      I’ll check out your blog in a minute!


  4. Getting a new house established certainly takes some time. We aren’t very Christmasy this year either. We seem to get decorated about every other year. We don’t have children so it’s just us. This year has gone by so quickly that Christmas has snuck up on us again!

    It looks like you had an excellent reading week! 🙂 Hope this week brings books that are just as good.

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  5. Love the pillow in your pic, good message! And it was fun to see a review of Slated- I read that series last year or so and enjoyed it. I liked the psychological nature of it as well, how she couldn’t trust anyone even her new family. Looking forward to see what you think of the next two.

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    1. Yea, you’re right. Though I do kinda miss the Christmas vibe at home now. Although, I never really did much for Christmas anyway, but now there’s nothing.
      Have a great week and happy reading to you as well!


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