Katzenkönig Mauzenberger by Erwin Moser

Book review | Katzenkönig Muazenberger by Erwin Moser | 5 stars

Katzenkönig Mauzenberger by Erwin Moser
(cover art by Erwin Moser)
Beltz & Gelberg 1987
€12.95 (2015 edition)



Was in diesem Buch alles vorkommt: Eine alte Burg, ein unglücklicher Katzenkönig, drei sonderbare Diebe, ein schreckliches Labyrinth, ein großer Schatz, eine riesige Spinne, eine Gewittermaschine, ein Fliegerpilz, einige Mäuse, etliche Katzen, viele komische Ereignisse und ein überraschendes Ende.

What makes an appearance in this book: an old castle, an unhappy cat-king, three strange thieves, a frightening maze, a great treasure, a giant spider, a thunderstorm machine, a flight-mushroom, some mice, several cats, many strange events, and a surprising ending.

Bullet-point review


+ overly dramatic king of cats
+ thunderstorm machine
+ imagination of the writer: everything is superb!
+ it indeed has a surprising ending

Full Review

This book is exactly as amazing and hilarious as indicated in the synopsis. All the different aspects mentioned in there combine for a great story. Adventure, friendship, loyalty and new opportunities are abundant in this book.

As a children’s book that’s already quite old (1987), it’s amazing how appropriate and current it still is. My favorite part was probably the making and using of the thunderstorm machine.

It was also superb to read a children’s story that doesn’t have a predictable ending. I thought I knew where it was going to go from the beginning, but I couldn’t have more wrong. I loved it!

From the title as well as the synopsis, you’ve probably noticed that the book is in German. On Goodreads it seems like the only translation available is in Dutch. However, if you do read those languages and you spot it somewhere, get it!


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