Sunday Post #14 – Work in progress


The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This way, I can tell you a little about my week and sum up what happened on the blog and everything else that I find interesting.

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  • Review: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • On my bookshelf #16


I’ve found a whole bunch of books in storage that were mine. I can’t remember reading all of them, so my TBR is going to be a LOT longer, but most of them are children’s books, or YA. It shouldn’t be too hard to get through that quick. Except… I’m guesstimating about 100 books. Yet, there should still be some books of mine in storage at my parents, because I know I had some that I’ve not been able to find yet.

Our house is almost finished! I mean, the kitchen is done and now there’s just some painting left to be done. If anyone is interested, I’ll do a whole before & after sort of thing on my blog. Alright, who am I kidding, I’ll do that anyway, but it’s nice to know if anyone is actually interested.

I’m done with my internship. Thinking positively: on to the next adventure! (right?)

Random fact: I’m getting weirdly skilled at typing on a German keyboard.



Fractured (Slated, #2) 6092779


(none; unless you want to count to ones I found in storage, but that’s way too many to put up here. They’re also in boxes so I don’t know exactly which ones they are)


5 thoughts on “Sunday Post #14 – Work in progress

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  1. What a fun treasure trove and even better if you don’ remember a number of them. I have some of my childhood books but I found one of my favorites in a box at my mother’s and was thrilled. That’s great on the house being close to finished and yes to the before/after pics! I love seeing what other people do so I can steal ideas and get inspiration!


  2. Oh yeah, I love before/after photos, the kitchen looks good already (I’d personally love more cupboards in mine). And 100 books, what a surprise – come on, you know those TBR piles never end 😉 Have a great sunday !


  3. I love finding long lost books- it’s amazing sometimes how we can forget books that we bought. I read Fractured a while back- trying to remember if that was book 2 or 3. I think book 2?


  4. Surprise, TBR, here are even more books for you, haha. It’s always nice to find those. I have most of my children’s books at my parents still as well.

    Yeay for the house almost being finished! And I am interested in seeing it. 😉


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