Confessions of a book blogger #4: I cannot DNF books

Confessions of a book blogger #4: I cannot DNF booksThis is just one of those things that I, personally, cannot deal with. I hate leaving things unfinished, no matter what it is.

I can leave them alone for a long time, for years even, but I will eventually finish whatever it is I am working on. Whether it’s a project or a book I’m reading. At some point I will make sure it’s done.

Books I really don’t like, I will therefore still finish reading. Not just because I cannot stand to see them unfinished, but also because that’s the only fair way to give a review; if you’ve not finished it, how are you supposed to give a fair and honest review?

How do you feel about DNFing a book? Yes, no, maybe? Let me know in the comments!

(DNF, for those who didn’t know, means: did not finish).

P.S. I’ve recently DNFed my first book. It’s been two years, I think I really should give up at some point… It does feel very strange and wrong however.


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  1. I never used to, but do it more now. I often find I stop reading completely if I’m struggling with a book. I find I don’t want to get back to it so I keep putting it off. Now I just put it aside and move on. If I don’t think I’ll ever like the book I mark it as a DNF, but if it’s more of a mood thing I’ll put it aside for another time!


  2. This is why I still haven’t given up on Lycidas. It’s been 6 or 8 years. I have never gotten beyond page 200 (it’s 600 pages or so) but I’ve been refusing to give up on it. I did make the deal with myself that if I haven’t finished it or picked it back up again at the end of this year that I am getting rid of the book.

    Usually I don’t dnf a book because most of the time I can always find something that I like. It is also why I rarely rate a book 1 star. I did dnf The Magician King a while ago. I might pick it up again in a few years since I liked the first book in a series.

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  3. I thought about DNF’ing a while ago myself: I pushed through reading A Court of Thorns and Roses even though I was REALLY disliking it. Can’t seem to DNF a book once I start it, as I always hope that it will get better. Even if it doesn’t.
    I have to agree with what you said about only being able to review a book once you’ve finished it, at least that’s what I tell myself when I’m once again reading a book that I do not like…

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    1. I do that too! “It must get better. This can’t be it” Usually I’m near the end when it really just can’t be changed around anymore and then I’ll finish it to try to figure it what the author was trying to do.

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  4. I used to finish every book I started, until a couple of years ago. Then I realised, live is really short. Too short to spend time with books I don’t like. Now I only finish books I like (more or less), or that were given to me for reviewing purposes (I feel obligated to finish them).

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  5. Someone told me once that reading shouldn’t be be a chore, it should be something fun. And it’s true. I used to be like you and it drove me nuts having to finish books I wasn’t enjoying at all. I don’t do that anymore, I don’t force myself to finish them. I do give them a try, but if I’m midway and I just don’t care what happens to the characters, I stop. I might pick it up again someday, but I have so many other things to read in life, I’d rather not waste time reading something I don’t like.

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    1. Weirdly enough even books I think are terrible I often enjoy reading. Mostly because they are in fact so terrible that it’s funny.
      I understand your point though. Weirdly enough I hardly ever see finishing these books as a chore.


  6. I’ve only ever dnf two books: Under The Dome and The Kill Order. There are books I haven’t finished yet but I always see these books as books I will finish later (might take years though). So, I understand your struggle quite well 😉

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