On my bookshelf #14

This is going to be an awesome one. There’s a few books from this list that are going to go!

  1. Het Mensaquotiënt – Anna Hofstede

I received this book when I joined Mensa NL. I started reading it, but never had the time to finish it.

2. Der wanderende Wald – Wolfgang Hohlbeins*
3. Die brennende Stadt – Wolfgang Hohlbeins*
4. Das tote Land – Wolfgang Hohlbeins*

High fantasy in German. No idea why I thought I would like this. It’s really not for me. I only read the first couple of pages, and well… not my thing.

5. De Spiegelvrouw – Theo Hoogstraten

I thought this book was quite scary when I was still a kid. Later on, a couple years ago I read it again. Luckily it wasn’t as scary anymore, but still pretty good.

6. As Kingfishers Catch Fire – Gerald Manley Hopkins

I’m not a bit poetry fan, and most of these poems were too religious for my taste. However, I’m keeping it as part of my LBC collection.

7. Lange Nachten – Frans van Houwelingen

One of the children’s books I received from church for Christmas. This one is due for a reread.

8. Les Misérables – Victor Hugo*

I picked this up not too long ago. I’ve never read, or seen the movie or the musical (and whatever else is there). However, I feel like I should read this classic soon.

9. Thuiskomst – Tonya Hurley
10. Sissy – Marieluise von Ingenheim*

Both are just not my thing. Therefore, they’ll be on the to-go (or trade) pile.

If you see any books that I’m getting rid of that you might like, let me know, maybe we can arrange something! I’d much rather see my books go to a good home than donate them to a second hand store. Who knows what happens to them then?

*Pre-loved books

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