Infinity Dreams Award

I was tagged for the Infinity Dreams AwardI was tagged by Annemieke from A Dance with Books for the Infinity Dreams Award. The idea of this award is to list seven of your dreams that you (at some point in the future) would like to accomplish. I’ve got so many things I would love to do, so I’ll try to narrow it down to seven (as well as trying to keep it realistic).

  1. I would love to have my own place to live (with my own private library). Is anyone surprised? No, probably not.
  2. Learn all the languages! Ok, probably not realistic. How about… become near fluent in German and then pick another language to become fluent in (or as close as possible).
  3. Find a satisfying job, that makes me happy. From the internships I’ve done so far, I know I really do like my field of forensic psychology. However, the place I’m at at the moment just really isn’t for me; the work isn’t practical enough. I’d really like to go back to diagnostics or therapies, not just computer things.
  4. Make a living as a book blogger. Probably not going to happen, but how awesome would that be?
  5. Find a new sport I love, or be able to do pole dancing with a great group of people again (it gets a bit boring/lonely by myself). There are no pole dancing classes in the region, so another (individual) sport to practice with others would be great too. Leave your suggestions below!
  6. Write a book. I’ve thought about this for years, and I’m really quite good at writing papers. However fiction, that’s a real challenge. I’ve got all kinds of ideas, but never feel like any of them are good enough or different enough from what already exists, so…
  7. A road trip through the USA. Honestly, I wanted to say travel the world, but that seems a bit much, so I narrowed it down to this. Strange? Maybe. I’d love it though!

Now I have to tag some other people of course:

Charlotte from charlottebibliophile
Becca from Becca and Books
iana from Mijn Leven met Boeken


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  1. I love how ambitious your goals are, Myrthe! I have to say that we share the same dream of moving out to an independent place. I’m currently living with my dad because the house is really close to the university I go to, but I’d love to have my own place! Oh gosh, making a living from just reading and reviewing books? Absolute #goals most definitely. 😉 And writing was something I considered growing up, but at the point of time in my life I’m probably more happier remaining as a reader. Anyway, I’m sure you’d make a great writer! The best ones are always bookworms. 😉

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