Bookish Theme Park (imagination)

A while back, I watched this video from Jesse the Reader on Youtube. In this video he described a Bookish Theme Park, the kind of rides it would have and what books these would be based on. I thought it was amazing! So, I decided to write my own post about what my bookish theme park would look like. Are you excited yet?

Bookish Theme Park ImaginationWell, Harry Potter is going to have a whole section of the park to itself. There will be shops and a walk-through castle, just like at Universal Studios. Then, there will be some futuristic technology, which enables us to make a petting zoo full of magical creatures (just not the ones Hargid likes). And a hardcore roller coaster based on the flight of either Hippogriffs or Thestrals. Perhaps both, pick your poison!

SilverMoonLight (MondLichtSaga, #1)As it’s always warm in my imagination (I hate the cold), there should be a water park as well. I recently finished reading the MondLichtSaga, where merpeople (or shelleycoats as they’re called in the book) are common. The world Marah Woolf created for this seems amazing. It’s set in Scotland (that works well with the Harry Potter theme as well) and the merpeople have all kinds of strange powers, including super fast swimming in special suits and very pretty water dancing. I think it wouldn’t be too hard to base a couple of slides on this, and some other water-attractions.

Kruistocht in spijkerbroek

I think Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek would be perfect for the theater/show part. I’m fairly certain a few great fights and rescue scenes can be taken from the book to make a fascinating performance! And while we’re in medieval times, I’m sure there’s other books that can be used to enhance this part of the park.

4948Of course, we also need a children’s section. I don’t know about you, but I used to love The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which I think would make a good kids roller coaster for children. Can there be actual monkeys dressed in Curious George costumes on the monkey bars (we can use the super awesome futuristic technology again if necessary)? Because that would be great!

8235178I feel like somewhere, there should still be a more futuristic part to the park. Maybe based on the books by Beth Revis. There could be a space shuttle launch (that then crashes) as one of those tower drop things, a flying saucer that goes high up so you can look all over the park, and a restaurant where you order all your food on the computer, and it’s brought to you by robots (or waiters dressed as robots). Also, a haunted house walk-through, where all the electronics suddenly fail to serve humans but come alive to take over the world (run!). There should also be something with an alien invasion and a new planet, but I’m not sure yet how to work that in.

Oh, this is also where the romantic rides will be, because this is the best love story of all the ones I chose!

Can we also just have individual pods filled with pillows, or a comfortable chair/couch, where you can just lay down and read one of your favorite books from the huge library that is (obviously) also part of the park? Yes? Great! When I need some alone time, you can find me there.

That’s it. I think this would make a great start for a theme park. Of course, if you donate a book to children in need/refugees/another good cause, you’ll get a discount on your entry.

What are your thoughts on this? What books would you use to bring to live your own theme park? Let me know in the comments, or link me to your post if you write one!


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