On my bookshelf #11

Are you ready for the next ten books on my shelf? Here are numbers 101-110. All the previous posts and the whole list so far can be found here.

  1. On my bookshelf #11 - Silber by Kerstin GierSmaragdgrün – Kerstin Gier
  2. Silber, das erste Buch der Träumen – Kerstin Gier
  3. Silber, das zweite Buch der Träumen – Kerstin Gier

The last book in the Edelstein Trilogy by Kerstin Gier. Like I said last time, I loved this trilogy. As well as the first two in the Silber trilogy (the third one is coming out soon!)

On my bookshelf #11 - Die Mütter-Mafia by Kerstin Gier4. Die Mütter-Mafia – Kerstin Gier*
5. Die Patin – Kerstin Gier*
6. Gegensätze ziehen sich aus – Kerstin Gier*
7. Auf der anderen Seite ist das Gras viel grüner – Kerstin Gier*
8. In Wahrheit wird viel mehr gelogen – Kerstin Gier*
9. Für jede Lösung ein Problem – Kerstin Gier*

Since I loved the YA books by Kerstin Gier, I decided to pick up some of her adult novels as well. I’m still trying to get my hands on the ones I don’t have, because Gier is the master of hilarious chick-lit!

10. Waar zijt gij Schildpad? – Jessica Grant

I have yet to read this one (The only one from this list I haven’t read!). I have no idea what it was about, but a outlet store had this one (and two others) on sale for 25 cents. They were all new books, so I couldn’t leave them there. Plus, they have really pretty covers.

Are any of your favorite books on here? Have you read any by Kerstin Gier? Let me know in the comments.


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