On my bookshelf #10

I’ve finally arrived at the post that will show my 100th book on my bookshelf. I find that quite exciting. Though I’m not even halfway through showing you all of my books. That’ll be quite a while longer.

Total number of books:
Total number of unread books:

1. Het Oneindige Verhaal – Michiel Ende*

The Never-Ending Story. I’ve never read this, and I really should.

On my bookshelf #10 | Dark Places by Gillian Flynn2. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
3. Dark Places – Gillian Flynn
4. Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

I’ve read all three of Flynn’s books and I will probably read more if they come out. I really enjoyed Gone Girl and Dark Places, but I found Sharp Objects too predictable.

5. Verlies – Nicci French*

Still on my TBR. I got this book for free somehow, though I’m not sure who gave it to me anymore.

6. De Spokenjagers en het Vuurspook – Cornelia Funke*

I should perhaps get rid of this one. It wasn’t really a book I enjoyed. I know a lot of people seem to enjoy Funke’s books, but the two I’ve read so far (this one and Dragon Rider) I didn’t think were very good.

7. Anna Schreibt an Mister Gott – Fynn*

A classic. I think. The original was written in English, but my boyfriend insisted I buy this one anyone when we saw it in the second hand book store.

8. Zij Vrijden nog Lang en Gelukkig – Erna Gianotten*

A book about sex. I received this one from someone on Facebook in a whole pile of books. It looked interesting, so I kept it. I’ve yet to read it though.

On my bookshelf #10 | Saphirblau by Kerstin Gier9. Rubinrot – Kerstin Gier
10. Saphirblau – Kerstin Gier

My 100th book (at the moment) is Saphirblau by Kerstin Gier. I really loved reading this series, though I feel like it’s more a huge book than a series, because nothing is resolved in the first two books.
Also, be aware: I’ve got a whole collection of Kerstin Gier books coming up next time.


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