On my Bookshelf #9

Total number of books: 456
Total number of unread books: 108

104035101. Een Bezem in het Fietsenrek – Lieneke Dijkzeul

One of my favorite books as a child, about a witch who just wants to be like regular people, but they’re scared of her because she’s a witch, so it’s all quite difficult. The title translates to: A Broom in the Bike Rack. Yep, there’s that.

2. Johnny, Valse Hond – Emmanuel Dongala

No idea what it’s about. I’ve yet to read it. But it was second hand, translated from a foreign language I can’t read and well, cheap, so…

3. The Meek One – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

A fairly new (to me) LBC, you can’t blame me for not having read this one yet.

4443684. Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales – George Douglas

Haven’t read it, but received it as a present from my Scottish father-in-law.

5. Winifred – Elisabeth Dreisbach

I don’t remember what this one is about, but it was also a Sunday school Christmas gift from the church. (In case anyone is interested where I got some of my books from)

6. Het Uur van de Haan – Thea Dubbelaar

This one is also due for a reread, because I don’t remember ever reading this, though I’m sure I have.

7. De Heksen van het Zwarte Licht – Bies van Ede
8. De Afschuwelijke Hobby van Meneer Grambergen – Bies van Ede

Horror stories for kids. Somehow I (used to) love horror stories for kids. Though these aren’t my favorite. We’ll have some of those later (Paul van Loon, anyone?)

On my bookshelf #9 | Angelfall by Susan Ee9. Angelfall – Susan Ee

This one is awesome! I’ve only got the first one in the trilogy and have only recently read it, but I definitely want to continue reading this series. I loved it!

10. Blackout – Marc Elsbert

Another random unread book… Too many of those still on my shelves. This one is in German though, even if the title doesn’t immediately tell you.

And again, I ask you the question: Have you read any of these (or own any of these as well)?


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