Confessions of a book blogger # 2 – I still LOVE children’s books

I adore children’s books! Maybe not really a big shock, huh? Since I’ve been posting quite some reviews of these books as well. And sure, maybe I don’t like all of them, there’s still so many that I love. I’m not talking about Harry Potter (which was originally intended for adults and is in certain cases very Confessions #2 - I LOVE children's booksinappropriate for children), but real children’s books, preferable with cute pictures.

A picture book with just a line or two just doesn’t quite cut it however. I like the ones with the full stories and the occasional picture, so you can see what the strange creatures the author invented look like.

One of the most well-known may be The Chronicles of Narnia, which is immediately one of my exceptions, because there was too much overt and covert sexism and god-fearing in the books for me to be able to enjoy it. Usually I can get over it with old books, but not with Narnia. Though it should give you a good idea of the books I’m talking about.

Confessions #2 - I LOVE children's booksI’ve read so many of them in Dutch now that I’d also love to read some in English or German, so if you’ve got any suggestions for children’s books that were written originally in either of these languages (German, Dutch, English), please let me know in the comments. I can never have too many recommendations!

Do you also still love to read children’s books? Or am I alone in that?


10 thoughts on “Confessions of a book blogger # 2 – I still LOVE children’s books

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  1. I do love children’s books, especially illustrated ones 😀 I feel the same way you do re: Harry Potter. Some of those scenes were so not for kids.

    I’d recommend anything by Neil Gaiman, he’s written several children’s stories (Coraline, Odd and the Frost Giants, Chu’s Day, The Dangerous Alphabet, etc) for different ages and they’re all magnificent.

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  2. love children’s books as well!
    also, happy to hear I’m not the only one who didn’t love Narnia.
    I’ve mixed feelings about it I love the magical fantasy element of it, but have so much problems with the books..

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