MondSilberTraum by Marah Woolf

Marah Woolf
(cover art by Carolin Liepens)
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2012)

Book review | MondSilberTraum by Marah Woolf | 3 stars


Synopsis (English translation below)*

“Du schickst mich fort?”
“Ich schicke dich fort.“
“Was, wenn ich nicht gehe?“
“Dann werde ich dich eigenhändig zum Auto tragen.“
Ich lächelte, während mir die Tränen über die Wangen liefe.
“Wir könnten einen Ort ausmachen, an dem wir uns treffen, wenn alles vorbei ist.“
Calum verschloss mit seinen Fingern meine Lippen. Sie zitterten.
“Nein“, flüsterte er. “Nein. Das werden wir nicht.“

Emma und Calum haben für ihre Liebe alles riskiert. Endlich scheint ein gemeinsames Leben möglich. Doch Elin steht zwischen ihnen und einer glücklichen Zukunft und er verbündet sich mit Wesen, die nicht besiegt werden können.

“You’re sending me away?”
“I’m sending you away.”
“What if I don’t go?”
“Then I’ll carry you to the car myself.”
I smiled, while tears were running down my cheeks.
“We could pick a place to meet, when all this is over.”
Calum closed my lips with is fingers. They were shaking.
“No,” He whispered. “No, we won’t.”

Emma and Calum risked everything for their love. Finally, a life together seems possible. However, Elin stands between them and their happy future and he’s become allies with creatures that cannot be fought.


A little repetitive perhaps, but the writing was (again) on point. Nice, easy, flowy. I loved reading the words and sentences. Obviously it’s a YA books, so don’t expect anything to difficult. Expect YA, and with those expectations, I loved the writing, it’s exactly what I want from a YA book.

Again, Emma gets to experience a new world. This time, it’s very reminiscent of Tolkien. Especially the elf-world he created. I honestly felt like I was walking through it. To me, it was so much easier to experience the elves in this world, as opposed to Tolkien’s world (I’m not a fan of his writing), which was great. I kept thinking of the Lord of the Rings movies while reading this book.

Emma gets to know a couple of new people, but these are fleeting characters. Instead, we get to see more of the characters she met in the first and second book, which I loved; I don’t want new characters every book.

*Freely translated from German

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