On my bookshelf #7

Another 10 books again! Today are numbers 61-70. Let me know down in the comments if you’ve read any of these, or if you’d like to!

Total # of books: 455
Total # unread books: 111

On my bookshelf #7

  1. Matched – Ally Condie
  2. Crossed – Ally Condie
  3. Reached – Ally Condie

I know a lot of people didn’t enjoy this trilogy, but I did. Somehow I even liked the love triangle (I don’t even know how it’s possible).

4. The Bone Bed – Particia Cornwell

My mom and me own just about all Particia Cornwell books. Some of the best murder-mysteries around (in my opinion). I’m pretty sure I own more than just this one book, but I suppose the rest of them is hiding in my mom’s bookcase.

5. De Zienersteen – Kevin Crossley-Holland
6. In het Tussenland – Kevin Crossley-Holland
7. Koning van de Middenmark – Kevin Crossley-Holland
8. Gatty – Kevin Crossley-Holland

King Arthur story, which was quite difficult to get through. I mean, I did read it when I was a lot younger, but I remember this being the only book ever (back then) that I really struggled to read because of the way it was written. Time for a reread and an unhaul/keep decision I think. Gatty is a recent edition about the girl Gatty in the book. I haven’t read that yet, and to be able to I really need to reread the rest of the series first.

On my bookshelf #79. Sjakie en de Chocoladefabriek – Roald Dahl

My very beloved Dutch copy of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. My grandfather bought this for me for my fourth birthday. He passed away not many years later, so the book is close to my heart. I hated the sequel though and unhauled it a while ago.

10. Het Laatste Avontuur – Arend van Dam

Children’s book about a boy who is terminally ill and plays video games. Real life and the video game become a bit blurred after a while… This was quite a fun read actually.


5 thoughts on “On my bookshelf #7

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  1. I have that same edition of Sjakie en de chocoladefabriek! (bought it used though)
    the sequel wasn’t my fave either, but I’m slowly trying to collect all of Roald Dahls books (in mismatched mostly used editions) so i’m still really happy with it 😀
    (also, maybe i shouldn’t say this out loud, but i very much prefer the illustrations in this edition of sjakie to the ones by quentin blake)

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