MondSilberZauber by Marah Woolf

Marah Woolf
(cover art by Carolin Liepens)
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2012)

Book review | MondSilberZauber by Marah Woolf | 4 stars



“Mein Herz fing an zu schlagen, immer schneller. Der Stein in meinem Magen schien größer zu werden, doch nicht vor Schmerz. Er polderte ein wenig herum, zersprang und tausend kleine Schmetterlinge flatterten aus seinem Inneren hervor. Er lebte, er war gefangen, aber er lebte. Das war das Wichtigste. Calum war nicht tot, nicht in unerreichbare Ferne gerückt.“

Als Emma erfährt, dass Calum noch lebt, gibt es für sie nur ein Ziel: Sie möchte, dass er zu ihr zurückkommt. Calum ist in seine Welt entschwunden. Eine Welt, in die sie ihm nicht folgen kann. Doch dann, überschlagen sich die Ereignisse. Wird es Emma gelingen, Calum zu retten?

“My heart started to beat faster and faster. The stone in my stomach seemed to enlarge, though not from pain. It rolled around a bit and broke, and a thousand little butterflies came out of it. He was alive, he was captured, but he was alive. That was the most important thing: Calum wasn’t dead, wasn’t pulled into a far unreachable place.”

When Emma finds out that Calum is still alive, she only has one goal: she wants him to come back to her. Calum has disappeared into his world. A world, in which  she cannot follow him. But then, things start to happen. Will Emma succeed in saving Calum?


The sequel is just as good as the first book. The book starts exactly where the other one left off, which I really liked; no gaps in the story. A little bit later though, there is a change in scene, where the rest of the story takes place. This took me a long time to get used to. I hadn’t expected it and was so used to the small town on the Isle of Skye that I hadn’t even considered a new setting.

However, the new setting was amazing! I thought it was very well thought and with a little hint of Harry Potter. The new characters that were introduced here I loved as well. Most of them were just filler characters (which is fine, you don’t want a whole bunch of semi-main-characters), but a couple of them were more important to the story and therefore also more fleshed out.

In this book, we also learned more about Calum’s world and some more background as to why their relationship would not be possible. I really appreciated reading this, as it really helps in the world building and understanding the points of views from others throughout the story.

What I did not enjoy was Calum’s new personality. As in a lot of YA romance novels, Calum thought it was a good idea to make a decision for Emma regarding their relationship. That’s a no-go in my book; you don’t hurt someone else’s feelings just because that might be better for them. Only parents are allowed such liberties and only when their children are still young. It bothers me that these things are written in too many YA books (hmm, perhaps another idea for a books & feminism post).

The writing style was still great. Easy to read with plenty of attention to detail. A nice quick, YA read.


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