Auf der anderen Seite is das Gras viel grüner by Kerstin Gier

Auf der anderen Seite is das Gras viel grüner
Kerstin Gier
(cover art by Sandra Taufer)

Book review | Auf der anderen Seite is das Gras viel grüner by Kerstin Gier | 3 stars


Synopsis (English translation below)*

Kati ist mit Felix glücklich, aber inzwischen hat sich der Alltag in ihr Liebesleben geschlichen – und damit die Zweifel: Ist es überhaupt eine gute Idee, mit ihm alt werden zu wollen? Als sie Mathias kennenlernt und sich in ihn verliebt, wird Katis Leben plötzlich kompliziert. Und turbulent. Besonderes, als sie einen Unfall hat und im Krankenhaus wieder zu sich kommt. Exakt einen Tag, bevor sie Felix das erste Mal begegnet ist – fünf Jahre zuvor. Dieses Mal möchte Kati alles richtig machen – und sich vor den richtigen Man entschieden…

Kati is happy with Felix, but routine has gotten into their love life – and with that doubt: Is it at all a good idea to grow old with him? When she meets Mathias and falls in love with him, Kati’s life very complicated. And turbulent. Especially, when she has an accident and wakes up in the hospital. Exactly one day before she met Felix for the first time – five years ago. This time, Kati will do everything right – and choose the right man…


Like all Kerstin Gier book, this one is funny, though I feel like it’s my least favorite book by her so far. I can’t really point to the reason for this.

The book seems realistic enough. Kati has been with Felix for a couple of years and is getting bored. I can understand that, especially since they don’t seem to have much time for each other anymore. Then, she meets Mathias and (not immediately) falls in love with him. He seems to have an insta-love attraction to her though. Also, still understandable, if your partner has little time for you, you might try and find that attention somewhere else. Not right perhaps, but still understandable.

Then, an accident happens and she goes back in time five years. Uhm, what!? Yes. She is transported back in time. My biggest issue with this is the sheer unrealisticness of this, especially because it’s never explained in anyway. She wasn’t in a coma, there were no aliens, time travelling in general does not seem to be a thing in this book by Gier. It annoys me when something that changes everything so dramatically and is so important to the story is not explained. Like this is a thing that just happens on a daily basis.

Both couples Felix-Kati and Mathias-Kati just seemed to perfect in many ways. Sure, Felix was busy, but that was really his only flaw. Mathias didn’t even seem to have any. No one is that perfect, it just doesn’t make sense. It made the time-travelling story even more unrealistic.

Also, Eselchen… literally translated: little donkey. That’s what Felix calls Kati, who seems to like that. Seriously!? Ew, just no.

So, to conclude, still a cute and quick read, but it was a little overshadowed by the odd plot change (and some relationship details).

This book has been translated to Italian and Portugese according to Goodreads.

*Freely translated from German

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