The Beautifull Cassandra

The Beautifull Cassandra
Jane Austen
Penguin 2015
£0.80 (UK)

Book review | The Beautifull Cassandra by Jane Austen | 3 stars



Austen’s riotous early stories of drunks poisoners and prison-breaks, written for her family’s entertainment when she was a teenager.


There were several short stories and letters in this little black classic bind-up by Penguin. I really enjoyed reading the letters as well as the story Henry and Eliza. However, the story (if that’s what you want to call it) after which the book was named I thought was very disappointing, as well as the first one in the book Jack and Alice.

Let’s start with the negatives. I thought Jack and Alice was just a strange story. Throughout it we learn about several characters, but hardly anything about Jack and/or Alice. Then, it was very unclear to me why it ended the way it ended. Not a good story, especially not to begin the book with

The Beautifull Cassandra I thought was weird as well. The story itself wasn’t too bad, but the way it was written. Every new sentence was a new chapter, breaking up the story into a lot of pieces. All of the chapters were of course numbered: CHAPTER THE FIRST (etc). It was a strange way to read a story.

The Letters at the end of the book were very entertaining. I can only recommend you read them for yourself, as they’re quite surprising and funny.

What I most enjoyed was the story of Henry and Eliza. The plot twist in the end was a bit strange, because it just doesn’t seem the slightest bit plausible. In its entirety however, it was a very fun read with quite a bit of adventure (or at least excitement).


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