On my bookshelf #4

Week four of the “on my bookshelf” bookshelf tour! Who’s excited?

# of books: 439
# unread: 101

On my bookshelf #4 | The books that live with me1. The Rain – Virginia Bergin
2. The Storm – Virginia Bergin

I’ve read these two books not too long ago, and although I enjoyed the story, the way the books are written annoys me. It gets better in the second one, but the main character might be the most annoying and shallow one I’ve seen.

On my bookshelf #4 | The books that live with me3. Het Sleutelkruid – Paul Biegel
4. Swing – Paul Biegel
5. Nachtverhaal – Paul Biegel

I’m sure I’ve read these as a child. Though I honestly can’t remember. Except for Nachtverhaal, which I have recently reread (last week); it was an amazing story, kind of a 1001 Nights reimagining. I’m a little sad now that I’ve only got a crappy copy of it.

6. Kunstroof in Parijs – Jan Willem Blijdorp

Also, read. Also, not much I remember about it. Though I still know I got this at some point in our church’s Sunday school Christmas packages that we got every year. Those were my best memories of church: books! (Obviously carefully selected books, but still: books)

7. Geen Gewoon Indisch Meisje – Marion Bloem

I’ve not read this one, nor any idea what it’s about. On Facebook someone was giving away a pile of books, which I got. This one was in there. I didn’t keep all those books, but this one looked interesting enough to keep.

On my bookshelf #4 | The books that live with me8. Mrs. Rosie and the Priest – Giovanni Boccaccio

My first Penguin LBC. I really enjoyed reading this one. The stories in this one are quite good! My reviews for this one should be on Goodreads and Instagram.

9. Congolese Wiskunde – In Koli Jean Bofane

I think this was originally written in French (which I can understand a little, but I can definitely not read a book in French), which is why I’ve got the Dutch translation. I’m not exactly sure what it’s about anymore, and I haven’t read it yet. I just know it’s a book set in a non-Western setting; I love it when books are in (for me) completely different worlds.

10. In the Afterlight – Alexandra Bracken

I love this series! Unfortunately I only own a hard copy of the last book. Though, I can assure you, the others are on my wishlist so I can have the whole series neatly in my bookcase at some point!

Have you read any of these? What did you think of them? Do we have any books in common?


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