Me and The Marquis by Tyburn Way

Me and The Marquis
Tyburn Way
(cover art by Julia Davila-Lampe)
Tyburn Way 2014
£3.25 (UK)

Book review | Me and The Marquis by Tyburn Way | 1 star



Is she mad or is she just bad? She’s certainly dangerous to know – the modern woman who dares to live her life according to the principles of the notorious 18th century kinky French nobleman the Marquis de Sade.

Taking the perverse philosophy of the first-ever sadist Sade as her ideal and helped malong the way by a former lover, a colleague and her daughter, this modern-day madam experiences life as the Marquis longed to live it and finds that such an existence can be more than a little difficult to achieve.

Will the lady’s experiment to emulate the Marquis’s philosophy and life be a big success or is she doomed to failure?

Find out in author Tyburn Way’s third dark and deep novella set in Zurich, Switzerland.


It’s very hard to find a place to start. To start off, the writing itself wasn’t too bad and the idea was quite intriguing as well. Unfortunately that’s the only positive things I can say.

I haven’t been able to connect to the main character at all. There is no explanation of why she decided to follow the Marquis’ path. Sure, she likes sex, but there’s plenty of people who do who don’t take it as far as the Marquis.

Honestly, I never understood her mindset in this book. She loves sex, but gets extremely worked up about gay women having sex, though she seems to be ok when gay men have sex. Her friend was raped at some point, which she didn’t seem to react to, but she had sex with the same men afterwards (she consented, though it’s unclear if she’d reached the age of consent). She decides to introduce her teenage daughter to SM, because that seemed like a good idea, and is surprised when that doesn’t work out. I do not understand any of this.

She seems to rage against the world, being upset with everyone and everything. Everyone else is always wrong, and she is the victim. Men are horrible, because they don’t really want sex even though they pretend they do. Women are horrible too, because they don’t want to please men.

The main character is just so selfish, ignorant, and bitchy – apart from that she’s nothing. She’s a flat character only interested in sex and against everyone that doesn’t want to have copious amounts of sex.

The synopsis of the book is therefore way off; hardly any of it is actually in the book. This is one for my next unhaul.

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. This has in no way influenced by review of it.

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