Confessions of a book blogger #1 – I eat while reading

Yes, now it’s out there for the world to see. I am one of those readers; one of those that eats and snacks and stuffs herself while she reads (okay, stuffing might just be occasional).

I know there’s quite a few people out there that don’t like to eat anything while they’re reading they’re books. I can understand their perspective. Honestly, I don’t want my books to get smudged either. I really don’t.

Confessions of a bookblogger - I eat while I readHowever, when I get hungry (or just feel like something), I’ll make myself something to eat, or grab a quick snack. Just eating while doing nothing else kind of bores me and thus… I read.

Most of the time it’s something innocuous like chips, popcorn, or berries. At other times it’s a full meal. It’s a bit harder when it’s a full meal, but I preserve and somehow manage to read as well. Admittedly, I don’t manage to read a lot while I’m eating a proper meal, but small snacks and books work perfectly well together for me.

What side are you on? Do you or don’t you eat while reading?


14 thoughts on “Confessions of a book blogger #1 – I eat while reading

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  1. I almost always have a beverage with me when I read and will occasionally indulge in a sweet or salty treat when I am reading especially if I get caught up. I have been known to nibble on my lunch with my face in a book

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    1. Oh! Most people do the not-eating-while-reading consciously, because they don’t want their books to get smudged (totally understandable!). It’s interesting though to hear that you’ve never really did it consciously, but that it just sorta happened I suppose.


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