Book synopses

Why do you always translate the foreign language (i.e. languages other than English) synopses yourself? 

You might ask that. You didn’t, but you might. Since it’s a bit of a different thing that I do (I haven’t seen it anywhere else), I thought I could explain this.

It’s really very simple in fact. I like to give a translation of the synopsis I read, so you can read what I’ve read. The synopses in different languages are often different. I want you to know what I’ve based my opinions on. Translations of the books are usually available, but translations of the synopses aren’t. For some reason, the synopses are often completely changed.

I could find a description from Amazon, or Goodreads, but I don’t use those for the same reason, because I want you to know what I’ve read; what was in (on) my book. The only way to do that is to translate it myself. It’s impossible to do this word for word and make it sound like a proper sentence in English, which is why I state it’s freely translated.

Do you read any foreign language books yourself? What do you do when you review them? Let me know in the comments! I’m quite curious to know how others tackle this issue.


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  1. I don´t read as many books by Dutch authors. I did translate the synopsis for Hex on Goodreads at the start of the year before my blog as at the time there was no English one available. And any other Dutch book reviews I will post on my blog will have that as well.

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