On my bookshelf #3

Number 3 already! This goes so fast!

# books I own: 439
# unread books: 103

Oh yea, I’ve read a couple of books from my TBR. I’m trying to get it at least under 100! And hopefully have it stay under that, though obviously new books (or pre-loved ones new-to-me) will be bought.

Let’s get right into it, continuing with my Thea Beckman collection.

On my bookshelf #3 | The next ten books on my bookshelf & my thoughts on them1. Zwerftocht met Korilu – Thea Beckman
2. De Stomme van Kampen – Thea Beckman
3. Geef me de Ruimte – Thea Beckman
4. Stad in de Storm – Thea Beckman
5. Een Bos vol Spoken – Thea Beckman
6. Hasse Simonsdochter – Thea Beckman
7. Rad van Fortuin – Thea Beckman
8. Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek – Thea Beckman

Yes, more Thea Beckman. The list now also includes my all time favorite book by her and (I believe) the only one that’s been translated to English: Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek (Crusade in Jeans). I adore this book. If you see it at some, check it out. Or even just the movie (which might just convince you to read the book). The movie is actually in English, so go, find, watch (and read)!

9. De Hut van Oom Tom – Harriet Beecher-Stowe
10. De Negerhut van Oom Tom – Harriet Beecher-Stowe

Two Dutch copies of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The first one is the regular copy as it is printed now. The second one however, was the first translation of the book, in a time when the word ‘neger’ (of which ‘nigger’ would be the English translation) was still acceptable. For that reason, I’m a bit unsure if I should hold onto the book. On the one hand it’s a really old copy, in great condition with amazing pictures, but on the other, does keeping it in some way condone the use of the word nigger? Honestly, I’ve not yet figured out what the right thing to do is. Thoughts? Comments?


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  1. I agree with the other commenter on Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

    Ah Thea Beckham. I know I read a lot of them when I was younger but I can’t remember them so well. Though there are only a few children’s books that I really remember to be honest. I get weird urges to rewatch Crusade in Jeans every now and again.

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