Review: Gegensätze ziehen sich aus by Kerstin Gier

Gegensätze ziehen sich aus
Kerstin Gier
(cover art by Nadine Littig)
Bastei-Lübbe 2008

Book review | Gegensätze ziehen sich aus by Kerstin Gier | 3 stars


Synopsis (English translation below)*

Was macht Frauen glücklich? Schokolade, die Kraft positive Gedanken oder schöne Schuhe?

Mit der Boutique Pumps und Pomps kann sich die Mütter-Mafia, die kreative Gegenbewegung zu allen Super-Muttis, bald alle Träume selbst erfüllen. Hier gibt es nicht nur traumhafte Stilettos, wunderschöne Stiefel und köstlichen Cappucino, sondern auch die besten Tipps in Herzensangelegenheiten. Und die kann Constanze, genannt die Patin, selber gut gebrauchen. Denn die Zukunftspläne ihrer ganz Großen Liebe Anton passen leider so gar nicht zu ihren eigenen…

Wie gross muss die Liebe sein, um mit anstrengenden Eltern, eifersüchtigen Töchtern und dem Wunsch nach mehr Nähe fertig zu werden?

What makes women happy? Chocolate, the power of positive thinking, or nice schoes?

With the boutique Pumps und Pomps, the Mother-Mafia – the creative countermovement to all Super-Moms – will soon be able to fulfill all of their dreams. Here, there aren’t only dreamy stilettos, amazing booties and yummy cappuccinos, but also the best advice for all matters of the heart. And those, Constanze, the Godmother, needs. Because the plans of her great love Anton, don’t quite seem to match hers… 

How much do you have to love each other in order to be able to cope with strenuous parents, jealous daughters and a wish for more closeness?


Like the first two books of the Mother-Mafia, this one was also really funny. The best part for me? The Harry Potter reference. Unfortunately, while in the first two books I loved to read the ridiculous things the Mütter-society came up with, now it wasn’t quite as funny anymore. Someone, I started to feel really bad for their kids, because honestly, how can anyone cope with some of those mothers? Also, the added advice column from the Godmother, wasn’t as funny as it could’ve been. Don’t get me wrong. I still laughed plenty of times, but something was missing for me that the first two books did seems to have.

The writing is once again on point. Easy to understand, easy to go through and fast to read. That’s all I really need when I’m reading any kind of chick-lit. For me, those are the kinds of books that really shouldn’t get too complicated. If it had been, the story and the writing just wouldn’t have matched anymore.

What I also found a little disappointing compared to the previous two books is that not a lot happened. In the first two books, all everything just kept going and going and going… This one however, dragged on a bit.

Perhaps though, there is still room for a fourth novel. After all, it does have an open ending which lends itself perfectly well to a (more eventful) sequel. Unfortunately, Gier has already said that there will be no fourth…

As far as I can tell from Goodreads, this book has only been translated into Bulgarian. Though I can hardly imagine that that’s really the only translation.

*Freely translated from German

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