On my bookshelf #2

The second installment of on my bookshelf, because it’s pretty awesome to go through my bookshelves and take a close look at all the books I own (and whether I still want to own them).

Total books: 439
Unread: 109

Here are the next ten books:

1. Het Dal der Beloften – Jean M. Auel
2. De Vallei van de Paarden – Jean M. Auel
3. Een Vuurplaats in Steen – Jean M. Auel
4. De Mammoetjagers – Jean M. Auel
5. Het Lied van de Grotten – Jean M. Auel
These the Dutch translations from the Earth Children series. I absolutely love this series, read all my mom’s copies and have been trying to collect all the books second hand in hardcover ever since. I only still need to the first one. Once I’ve got that one, I’ll be marathoning all of them (again)!

On my bookshelf #2 | The next ten books on my bookshelf and my thoughts on them6. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
7. The Beautiful Cassandra – Jane Austen
I’ve yet to read anything by Jane Austen. Somehow I’ve never picked them up so far. But they’re on my TBR, so at some point I most definitely will!

8. Peter Pan – J. M. Barrie
I must’ve read this at some point as a child, but I honestly can’t recall. This is the Dutch translation (if you’re interested in that kinda thing). I’ll be rereading this at some point in time.

9. Gekaapt – Thea Beckman
10. Het Geheim van Rotterdam – Thea Beckman
Thea Beckman is my all time favorite Dutch author. As a child I read all her books (novels that would now probably be qualified as YA) at one point or another from the library. A little while back I decided to try and collect them all whenever I get across a good copy second hand. Sure, I could buy them new, but where’s the fun in that? More of her books will be coming up in the next “on my bookshelf”

What are your thoughts on these books? Have you read any of them? Would you like to?


6 thoughts on “On my bookshelf #2

Add yours

    1. Haha, I’ve been collecting for a while (that means I still have a whole bunch of children’s books). I’m working on my TBR though, but it doesn’t seem to go too well.


  1. I’ve seen a lot of the Earthchildren series, but I’ve never picked them up.

    I read Pride and Prejudice last year, and liked it. I’ve always loved the BBC adaption which probably helped, haha.

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  2. Zo’n leuk idee dit! Niet zo overwhelming als de bookshelf tours op youtube, maar steeds een klein stukje! Ik wil binnenkort het 5e deel gaan lezen van de aardkinderen serie. En van Thea Beckman heb ik alleen kruistocht in spijkerbroek gelezen, maar dat is wel gelijk een van mijn favoriete jeugdboeken!

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    1. Ik vond het inderdaad ook geen goed idee om gewoon een lijst te maken van al mijn boeken; dat is echt niets aan om te lezen. Op deze manier is het in elk geval leuk om te schrijven en ik ben blij dat jij het ook leuk vindt om te lezen.
      De Aardkinderen vond/vind ik echt heel leuk. Alleen het laatste deel (6) viel me een beetje tegen.


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