Review: The Storm by Virginia Bergin

The Storm
Virginia Bergin
(cover art by Tom Sanderson)
MacMillan 2015
£6.99 (UK)

Book review | The Storm by Virginia Bergin | 4 stars



My name is Ruby Morris.

I don’t go out when it rains.

Once you’ve survived an apocalypse, the old rules don’t seem to matter so much.

Like today I drove a Ferrari that wasn’t mine, but no one cared (there’s no one left to care).

If I want to eat only Nutella, then I can (there’s nothing else to eat).

And if I want to go to wild parties in mansions, I will (this only happened once).

Of course, there are bad things too. Like everyone you cared about being gone, having no one to trust and, worst of all, not being able to stop thinking about THAT KISS with Darius Spratt…

But I’ve survived this long and I’m not going to die now.


Luckily, the butterflies have gone. However, a picture of a virus has taken its place. This is more appropriate and a little less annoying. Though, still, I would’ve preferred no pictures. On the other hand, other pictures are sometimes used to indicate how far gone her thinking had gone; she couldn’t even think in words anymore, just in pictures. The writing style, in general, is better than in the first book, though still not one of my favorites.

The way it was done though, in diary-like entries, was quite nice. I also enjoyed the story line, even though some of the happenings were a little predicable.

What’s most amazing about this book however, is the character change of Ruby. It’s not a complete 180. That wouldn’t have been believable. She is however much more reasonable, as well as likeable. Some of the old characters from the previous book come back at well, which I’m very glad about. There are a bunch of new characters added, and even animals continue to play a role! They all add to Ruby’s character development, usually in a positive way.

I realize this is a bit of a short review. Unfortunately I cannot say much more without spoiling the first book. If you’ve read the first book and enjoyed it, I can only recommend this one, because it’s even better!


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