Review: The Rain by Virginia Bergin

The Rain
Virginia Bergin
(Cover art by Arcangel)
MacMillan  2014
£6.99 (UK)

Book review | The Rain by Virginia Bergin | 3 stars



I’m Ruby Morris, and this is my story.

I will try to be honest and tell everything as it was, but I will not swear, because my mum hated swearing. I hope you’ll understand. I’ll write something beautiful instead. I’ll write . For my mum.

Everything is . The whole world is , because there’s something in the rain that kills you if you get just one drop on your skin. I’ve survived this long – I don’t know how. I’ve got really good at watching the sky.

And the worst thing? I’m stuck with someone I wouldn’t kiss if was the last boy on earth.

Which he kind of is.

. . .


There’s no way around it, I’ve got to start off with the fucking butterflies. Yes, cursing in this case is absolutely necessary, because the book got so, so horribly annoying to read. I understand that authors may want to leave out swearing. Okay, fine. Even though we all know it’s not very realistic. However, replacing the curses with butterflies makes me want to throw the book around the room cursing! Just no. This is not how you still use curses in books, yet don’t really write them. I’ll never be able to look at butterflies normally again.

On the other hand, I do quite enjoy the diary-like style the book has been written in. Everything is being told after the fact, which means that sometimes extra insights are added in, very helpful and convenient. I quite enjoyed this. What was a little less enjoyable was the particularly annoying 15-year-old voice it was written in.

Ruby seem about the most useless person every in an apocalypse. The only thing she’s interested in, even after the rain has come, is make-up, clothes, and boys. Somehow she doesn’t seem to realize how dire the situation really is. I’d like to think no 15-year-old would be this stupid. I don’t mind annoying characters per sé. I’ve read plenty of books with characters others would qualify as annoying. However, stupidity to this degree is just not something I can understand.

The other characters, on the other hand, are quite interesting. There’s Darius, the sub-nerd of sub-nerd, Princess, and all kinds of animals. The animals, I guess, aren’t technically characters, but I did love that someone had finally thought of the animals in an apocalypse.

All in all, there were a couple of flaws in the book that really irritated me, but the story and the idea I found quite intriguing. And, because I already own the next book, I’ve decided to just go on and read that as well.


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    1. Yes. That was the worst thing about it. Just made it really hard to read. There were constantly pictures of butterflies. Luckily it was changed in the second book (though other pictures were used)

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