Review: Die Patin by Kerstin Gier

Die Patin
Kerstin Gier
(cover art by Bianca Sebastian)
Bastei-Lubbe 2006
 Book review | Die Patin by Kerstin Gier | 4 stars


Synopsis (English  translation below)*

Wer sagt denn, dass der Pate immer alt, übergewichtig und männlich sein und mit heiserer Stimme sprechen muss? Nichts gegen Marlon Brando, aber warum sollte der Job nicht auch mal von einer Frau gemacht werden? Einer Blondine. Mit langen Beinen. Gestählt durch die Erziehung einer pubertierenden Tochter und eines vierjährigen Sohnes. Und wahnsinnig verliebt in Anton, den bestaussehenden Anwalt der Stadt. Constanze ist „die Patin“ der streng geheimen Mütter-Mafia. Gegen intrigante Super-Mamis, fremdgehende Ehemänner und bösartige Sorgerechtsschmarotzer kommen die Waffen der Frauen zum Einsatz. Ein Angriff auf Ihre Lachmuskulatur.

Who says that the godfather has to be old, overweight, male and has to speak with a husky voice? Nothing against Marlon Brando, but why can’t it be a woman for a change? A blonde. With long legs. Seasoned by raising a teenage daughter and a 4-year-old son. And head-over-heels for Anton, the best looking lawyer in town. Constanze is “the godmother” of the top secret Mother-Mafia. The moms’ weapons will be drawn against conniving supermoms, cheating spouses, and those who neglect their children. A hilarious novel.


I don’t usually believe if it’s written on the book that it’s laugh out loud-funny, or any such things. However, in this case, it really was true. Ok, maybe not rolling on the floor laughing-funny, but definitely snort/OMG-worthy. It’s the reason I continued reading this book.

Funny moments included some the awesome references. The ones I especially noted were related to Little House on the PrarieHarry Potter, and Angela Merkel. Furthermore, there were the diary entries by 14-year-old Nelly, as well as the entries on the forum of the Mutter-Society. Somehow those ‘perfect’ mothers are really very catty, rude and arrogant. Even amongst themselves. Throughout the story there is also so much drama, that you might almost believe you’re watching a soap opera. Except, it’s more realistic and the actors are better (because they’re all in your head!).

What was disappointing about this book was (again) the unclear story line. The Mother-Mafia comes more into play than in the first book, which is great. However, there is no clear main plot. Issues arise, are resolved (or not, in which case people drink) and the story moves on. It does go back to those issues again in due time, which is when they’re usually solved. A real plot however, is non-existent.

A real light-hearted chick-lit novel, this time with romance!

This book has been translated to a couple of languages, English is unfortunately not one of them, as far as I can tell. However, check out the Goodreads page with the different languages. I can see: Bulgarian, Dutch, and Turkish.

*Freely translated from German

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